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Ray Condray has called West Tennessee his home for most of his life, having lived in Jackson for 22 years. He's happily married to Kim and has two daughters, three granddaughters and another grandchild on the way.


Ray is an active member of a local church where he serves as adult Sunday school teacher. He is proud to call himself a child of God and applies his conservative Christian values to his everyday living.


Ray has been in management in the retail automotive industry for over 30 years in West Tennessee. He currently is a performance manager for a large automotive software company. His unique experience of managing people and assets have prepared him for the task of serving the city of Jackson as mayor.

Ray Condray for Mayor

I'm Ray Condray, and I'd like to be your next mayor of Jackson.  I have been on the sidelines for too long and am ready to step up. We need a conservative leader for Jackson who is truly transparent and has a servant’s heart. The identity of our city and its future are at stake.  I commit to you that I will never embarrass you or let you down. I humbly ask for your consideration, your support, and your vote in the upcoming June Runoff election. Together, we can steer Jackson in the right direction.


What I Stand For


"My faith in God is the moral compass that determines my decision-making process.  Together, we will use this principle to steer Jackson back in the right direction."


"The family is the bedrock of a wholesome community.  We will focus on ensuring a clean, safe environment in which to raise your family."


"Our city is losing its identity. I commit to working on bringing us back to the family values that made Jackson great. With your help, we can ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren."

Ray facing

Help us steer Jackson in the right direction

through dignity, honesty and integrity.

Paid for by Ray Condray for Mayor - Cyndi Bryant, treasurer
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