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Mayoral Candidate Debates

We invite you to take an opportunity to watch and listen to previous Mayoral Candidate Debates from earlier in this election season. We hope that these debates provide you with more information and clarity on my stances, my vision, and my dedication to the people in our community as Jackson's next City Mayor.


"I believe that God has called me to put my name in the hat to run this race... I believe the platform that we have of 'faith,' 'family,' and 'future' will help us to steer back in the right direction to give us a clean, safe, healthy city to raise the next generations in."

Ray Condray

Newstalk 96.5

"I'm not a politician, I've never been a politician, and I don't necessarily want to be a politician. I want to have an opportunity to be a public servant. I see Jackson as having an opportunity to provide the wholesome, safe environment that we need to raise our families...

I love Jackson. This is home for me. I want to see us have the opportunity to be able to grow and become a big city and have the things that the big city has to offer, but without losing that wholesome, neighborhood, local community feeling...

I hope that... you'll see my heart, you'll know who I am, and you'll know why I'm doing what I'm doing. And I hope that on May the Second, I will have earned your vote."

Ray Condray

Paid for by Ray Condray for Mayor - Cyndi Bryant, treasurer
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