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Law Enforcement

"I fully support our Police and Fire Departments. They are crucial to the safety of our city. I will do everything in my power to provide them with the funds, staffing and resources needed to do their jobs. "

Taxes & Fees

"I believe in fiscal responsibility and accountability. In order to attract industry and high-paying jobs, we should strive to be a low tax and low fee city and be as efficient as possible with your hard-earned money. "

Clean City

"A clean, beautiful city is the welcome sign of a healthy city. We should take pride in how Jackson looks. I am not only committed to cleaning up our city, but also keeping it clean. "


"As a city, we are responsible to the parents and must use our education dollars wisely to ensure a quality education for our children, exploring every available opportunity. "


"As a city, we are responsible for the tax dollars collected and have a duty to keep up with the increasing infrastructure additions and maintenance that growth will bring. "

Our Elderly

"We have an obligation to honor our elderly population by recognizing their value to our city, and ensuring they can safely stay active in their communities. We must not place unnecessary burdens on them. "


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Paid for by Ray Condray for Mayor - Cyndi Bryant, treasurer
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